The wanderlust gods, they taunt us: Day 3 and 4

The previous day’s account may be found here. I woke to a bright, blue, beautiful day. The wanderlust gods certainly were taunting us. I met Bruce in the lobby and we considered our options, finally settling on a fairly interesting-looking road log along Route 9. We had done part of...Read more

The wanderlust gods, they taunt us: day 2

Day 1 may be found here. After getting up at a decent hour, and confirming that little in the hotel’s continental breakfast selection was safe for a diabetic, Bruce and I headed out for a cup of alkaloids (in Bruce’s case) and some complex carbohydrates with fat and protein (in...Read more

The wanderlust gods, they taunt us

A more or less annual tradition is an excellent adventure with friend of the Wanderlust, Bruce Rabe. However, what with the shoulder surgery, I had pretty much written it off this year. But the shoulder got to be feeling much better, and Bruce mentioned that there was going to be...Read more

Columbus Day wanderlust

Next Friday I have a dental appointment, and Saturday Cindy has a wedding in the family. The week after, I will be in Colorado for the occultation. That means I will be catching up on chores the weekend after. I will have a long weekend just before Halloween, but the...Read more

Four-Wheeling Wanderlust

Way back before the shoulder surgery, I was joined by friend of the Wanderlust, Steve Painter, on a hike to Sulphur Springs and Alamo Canyon. Steve enjoyed this enough to ask if I would be interested in navigating him to some nice spots in the northeast Jemez via 31 Mile...Read more

Wanderlusting Arroyo del Cobre

Karma is sometimes a lady. Not quite three weeks ago, I climbed a dome near Polvadera Peak and noted that the view included part of Canon del Cobre, and ruminated that this would be a fun area to get into at some point. Sure enough, the next Los Alamos Geologic...Read more

The Alternative Wanderlust

Perhaps I should have taken a break this weekend, but the weather was again forecast to be gorgeous and the back country season in the Valles Preserve is fast coming to a close. So I devoted Friday to catching up on all my chores, so that I could enjoy a...Read more

Thar’s gold in them thar wanderlust

Normally, after a long weekend with a long wanderlust, I’d be inclined to spend the next Saturday at home catching up on chores and giving myself a rest. But the weather was just gorgeous Thursday and Friday, and the forecast was for this to continue on Saturday. Then the monsoon...Read more

Wanderlusting El Alto

So Labor Day was to be my big day of wanderlusting. I had played Mr. Fixit Friday, had taken Nathan to his tournament in Albuquerque Saturday, and I felt entitled to a day just for looking at rocks. My destination would be El Alto, the easternmost of the two great...Read more

Wanderlusting Sandia Crest

I have, of course, been to Sandia Crest before. I used to live in Albuquerque, and one of my dates with Cindy was to hike to the crest from Doc Long campground. But it had been some years, I was in Albuquerque to take Nathan to a smash tournament, and...Read more